Tired of traveling for early morning blood draws? Multiple, painful sticks? Contact My Favorite Phlebotomist to schedule your quality, safe, and confidential home blood draw.


Provide quality blood draws in the comfort of your home or site of choice. My Favorite Phlebotomist LLC specializes in difficult venipunctures as well as patients with needle phobias. We understand that a blood draw should not be a painful, traumatic experience. We are dedicated to creating a more positive culture around the process of collecting blood samples.

*Advanced Phlebotomy Training is also available



Home Blood Draws

Now Offering quality, safe, and confidential home / onsite blood draws for: Healthcare professionals, Businesses, Schools / College dorms, Churches, Events and more!


1:1 Advanced Phlebotomy Skills Training (4hrs)

Rather you're a new healthcare professional or a seasoned one; One on one phlebotomy skills training focuses on the actual process of obtaining successful venipunctures to build the confidence you need for success. Invest in yourself today!

Some testing includes but not limited to:

Routine labs (CMP, CBC, TSH, etc.)

Covid 19 testing

Blood Type / screening

STD / HIV testing

Pregnancy test

Diabetes panel

Cancer screening

Vitamin deficiencies

Nutritional testing




“I mean it was a blood draw so I’m not recommending that to a whole lot of people BUT Kim’s the best in the blood draw biz so if you have to get it done, go see her!”

Cambry M.

( Patient since 2019 )



“Great job quickly taking my blood!”

Michelle E.

( Patient since 2017 )



“Kim is the BEST at drawing my blood…hands down. I’m use to getting stuck multiple times, but she always gets it on the first attempt!”

Jack L.

( Patient since 2019 )


Not at this time. However, I can provide you with a detailed receipt for reimbursement from your insurance company.

Each service varies depending on the draw. This may includes number of tubes, complexity of processing, and type of testing.

The results will go to the ordering provider. If labs were ordered with our Nurse Practitioner, you will be notified once they have been reviewed to set up a Complimentary consult.

Absolutely! We can collect your sample wherever it’s convenient for you.

Absolutely! We would love to accommodate you for your event.

Covid 19 Antibodies Testing Available

My Favorite Phlebotomist can collect your blood sample in the privacy and safety of your own home.

This test will determine rather or not you have been exposed to COVID 19 and developed antibodies

Contact My Favourite Phlebotomist LLC to schedule your confidential home blood draw

To schedule a blood draw call 904-800-9318


Kimberly Jackson is a Midwest native with over 18 yrs of medical experience ranging from clinical, to laboratory, to cardiovascular ICU, and most recently Functional Medicine. Kimberly has utilized her education, skills, and experience to impact the lives of those around her. Her nurturing spirit has led her to become an educator, including but not limited to teaching the art of phlebotomy and medical assisting skills. Unlike most, patients welcome her to draw their blood. Her precision, delicate touch, and accuracy in obtaining blood does not go unnoticed, She is sure to deliver an easy, calming, and painless experience.

Kimberly is also a licensed cosmetologist of 8 year. Her love for enhancing one’s beauty through the “Look Good, Feel Better” concept has inspired her to become a Certified Hair Loss Specialist as well as Microblading Technician. This allows her to assist patients recovering from hair loss due to chemo therapy, alopecia, hair thinning, and balding.

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